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There are allot of kinfolkz,there is a allot of mobgs. But there only one Kinfolk Mob'G


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Mob'G Inc is a combination of all talents and years of hard work hopes and dreams. I started writing poems and verses at the age of 14, and have been recording and making music ever since 2004. As an artist, I went through many style changes as I grew in knowledge, craft, and life in general. I grew up in a decent neighborhood, there was “streetz” where I lived, but they were not my interest has a little Folkie. As I grew older the anger I had inside my soul lead me to the “streetz ‘’. I moved to Kinloch, Missouri in 2000. Met a native Kinloch-ian Named Wild and we became cool. This lend to us forming a label named Leagacy Records and group named DBL UP. We worked together for about 7 years before management issues broke the team apart.

Now as solo artist I am able to find my own management directions, this has been a struggle as a sole proprietorship but well worth the creative freedom.

My style of music I would describe as Hip Hop's "Missing Link". My sound has a familiar feeling with a unique delivery. A mix of Metaphors punch lines and word play, my goal is creating an entirely new world for the listener when emerged with an instrumental.

Allot of my music is "Bars of Fury" as I call it, this would be defined as your typical " I got bars, I got the whole package, punch lines, metaphors, and I can make it catchy. I am better than every other rapper and this is how and why. “You know mandatory Hip Hop stuff.

However, what sets me apart from most artists is my deep-rooted faith and love of knowledge and the sharing of wisdom. I use Hip Hop for what it is make for; to express the feelings and thoughts of those who do not share the gift I was given. To put to a melody those feelings that we share to inform or make those who would not normally see, see the worlds that others live.

This to me is how and why all music is made. For the true Hip Hop artisan this gives a limitless stream of data artist to fans, fans to artist, artist to the world, and fans to the world.

I use my music in these aspects, so I do not rap about a gun, because I do not own one. To rap about guns is to invite others to test your metals on such a reality. To convince the fans you are a killer, and to put fear into those that would seek to test your credentials. This is a child game, and I opt not to play it.

Second, I do not rap about selling drugs to my disenfranchised people. Just as most of the youth who grew up in the 90s Hip Hop as I did, went down the path called The Streetz. So I sold my share of drugs, some harder than others, however I do not choose to talk for the rest of my life about past events. Yes, truthfully, I did sell these drugs; yes, I had The Block on Lock, then. Does that entitle me to rap about it for the rest of my life? I say no, hence no hustle rap.

Every artist ever to write his or her own music has a song about the opposite sex. I love you, I hate you, and we make love like this. Therefore, I have these types of songs.

To listen to me, is to know me. To see me, is to love me. Moreover, to be a fan of my craft is to mean We Are One.



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Kinfolk Mob'G

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