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We are expanding Our Horizons!


We are proud to announce two new additions to Business Family, So U MADD TV and Audit Pax. Years of organized efforts between several different companies, freelance consults and Master Mind Groups married into a flavorful gumbo of inspired thought. So U MADD TV is “Our Combinational Brain Child” a YouTube Channel featuring a extensive variety of topics and subjects matter. Our Business plan is to bring fresh prospective on age-old topics of debate and ideology of truth. Each episode host/interviewed party representing their own Company, Brand, or Ideology. Subject content on So U MADD TV will contain episodes from the surface levels of mundane observations to the core of self-identity.


We are ALL very aware that there are many levels of truth. Each level containing a labyrinth of conceptual and perspective multitudes. With this as the foundational formula behind Audit Pax, We pick up at the “depths” of So U MADD TV truth spectrum.


We at the Audit Pax Staff have A Mission to revolutionize the way every individual perceives the reality of “everyday life”. Therefore, in light of this particular aspect the channel features only the “Tuff” subject matters. I.e. Dissecting habitual thought processes, that make up the structure of beliefs (Self-Laws) that in turn makes up the internal ideology, which creates/effects the reality we perceive.


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